(Director and Coordinating Teacher of the college)

" After a degree in Geology, I became a teacher in the National Education as a school teacher, a profession which is for me a vocation that I have been practicing for 15 years. As a mother of 4 children, I have always had at heart to transmit adapted knowledge, to help children to progress. My career in national education is marked by several enriching experiences: ITEP (Institut Thérapeutique Educatif et Pédagogique) for 2 years, city or rural schools with single or multi-grade classes. I became convinced that it was necessary for all the people who work with children to work as a team, with benevolence, agreeing on pedagogical objectives. Looking for solutions to the heterogeneity of the classes, I got closer to alternative pedagogies, such as Maria Montessori or Célestin Freinet. Interested in their relevance, I have implemented them in my current cycle 3 class and I have been able to measure all the virtues and effectiveness of these methods in the service of a successful pedagogy. "Make an appointment with the Director: click here


(Preschool teacher)

"After a degree in biology, I became a school teacher in the National Education. From the beginning of my career, I wondered how to allow students to become actors of their learning. At that time, I discovered the Freinet pedagogy. Over the years, I experimented with the tools I discovered with my students, trying to give them the possibility to learn at their own pace. Continuously nourishing my reflection through readings, films and meetings, I hear about the Montessori pedagogy, which I begin to be inspired in my classroom practice. I also had the opportunity to train thanks to the association Pédagogie Montessori pour l'Enseignement Public and with two colleagues, we set up a common class project based on our discoveries. Today I am more than ever convinced of the importance of relying on the needs and deep interests of children to ensure their true learning. I believe that a pedagogical project based on this vision of teaching and shared by all the actors of the school allows each student to evolve at his or her own pace and to reach the maximum of his or her abilities.


(Teacher CP CE1 CE2)

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to work with children. After obtaining a degree in History-Geography, I followed the curriculum to become a school teacher and I obtained a Master's degree in School Teaching. I worked for six and a half years in a medical-educational institute with disabled children.
It became clear to me very quickly that each child is unique. Leading them to acquire knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills in order to move towards their future, guiding them in their progress, can only be done by taking into account their learning pace, their interests and their particular needs. Dn order to bring them the best, I have and I have set up workshops in my classroom based on Maria Montessori's pedagogy. Today I have chosen the Envol school because I fully identify with the pedagogical project. Moreover, working with a team that has the same values and that is moving towards the same goal, in a benevolent way and for the good of the children and the families seems to me to be essential.


(Extracurricular activity leader)

After a BEP in health and social work and a CQP in after-school care, I worked for 2 years as an AVS in a school environment with disabled children, in a day-care center and in a summer camp.
L'Envol school is a unique experience for me. It allows me to share my values, common with the whole team. I like to exchange with the children and spend good moments with them, to listen to them and bring them joy. Working in a small structure like this school has allowed me to acquire more responsibilities, to develop my skills within a team that communicates, that listens, that acts for the good of all. I discovered the Montessori pedagogy, which I did not know. It seems to me to be more pleasant, more accessible for each child and I was able to see its benefits for both children and adults.


(Extracurricular activity leader)

Jessica CORBAT, (extracurricular activity leader) I am 34 years old and I am a mother of 3 children. I work as an assistant in the kindergarten class alongside Mistress Isabelle." I have worked in schools for 5 years and in a leisure center for 6 years. I also have volunteer experience in summer camps and ski camps over a period of 8 years. To my great joy, I joined the Envol school in September 2020.
I am passionate about this because I have a particular attraction for early childhood!
This very fulfilling and enriching job corresponds to me completely.
Being with the children, helping them progress, taking up challenges, stimulating them, calming them, listening to them, all this in the joy and good mood that is the general atmosphere of this school. A wonderful daily challenge!
The work in partnership with the teaching team is done in a benevolent and permanent exchange.
Belonging to such a dynamic and committed team does me a lot of good and makes me progress a lot.
The richness I get from the contact with the children, the families, the teaching team, is an extraordinary driving force!
For me too, this position is a...Flight 😉



In this establishment, religious education is free and optional.
Serge Santander is the chaplain of the Take Wings school. With his wife Marie-Paule, they are responsible for the optional awakening to the faith, assisted by a complete team. On certain Sunday mornings, they are present at the school for Christian times around the values of Christianity for the family, the couple and the education of children. They are also available to parents and anyone interested for personalized appointments.