Parents' testimonies

Entry in 6th grade
Our daughter had good grades in CM1, but we wanted to allow her to deepen and consolidate her knowledge in CM2. We achieved our goal with l'Envol school thanks to the small group work, the fact that we were able to progress at her own pace and to take the time to think about the pedagogical exercises designed by the teacher. This pedagogy has taught her that she must take the time to find the solution and above all that she is capable of doing it alone or in a group. She has thus gained in maturity, autonomy and self-confidence. Her report card for the first quarter of 6th grade confirms our feeling since her teachers believe that she has already acquired the skills of cycle 3 and that she has quickly adapted to the way the school works.
3 years of kindergarten
Our children have been attending L'Envol school for almost 3 years. Currently in their last year of kindergarten, they have made remarkable progress. Thanks to the benevolent support of the team, an individualized and serious follow-up, they have become more and more autonomous. The activities put in place have allowed them to enter naturally into reading and to discover with joy the first mathematical notions. We also appreciate the importance given to the family-school relationship. The teachers, who listen to the parents and the children, are very invested in their project. It is with confidence and joy that we drop our children off at school each morning. A big thank you to all those (teachers, animators, volunteers...) who make this school live.

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